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Specialty tools designed for dental hygienists, by dental hygienists.

You put patient care above all else. Now you can attend to your own comfort and ease at the same time.
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NEW! Presenting the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror.

Imagine simply clipping a mirror to your saliva ejector. Less reaching, less strain. Plus, it's titanium, which is noticeably brighter than rhodium. Now there's a reason to smile!Learn more

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Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of specialty dental hygiene tools that increase working comfort and efficiency.Why D.H. Essentials?

Dedicated to providing innovative quality tools for Dental Hygienists.

Hi, I’m Patricia Blundon, R.D.H. and developer of the D.H. Essentials product line. I am dedicated to providing you, my fellow dental hygienists, with high-quality innovative dental tools that will enhance your clinical treatment skills, while reducing your body fatigue and strain. My tools are so easy to use that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.


View our product line. Quality tools designed for your ease of use.


Say goodbye to reaching for your mirror. Introducing the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror.
How do we know what you need? Because we’re dental hygienists, too!
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