Now available for HVE! Greater aerosol reduction and continuous access to your mirror and suction simultaneously.

It’s easy to brush off our aches and pains and push on, never thinking that all the leaning, reaching and neck-craning will catch up to us.

The reality is, we put our patient's need over our own well-being. So, we keep using the same outdated instruments. We learn to live with the pain but go home with a case of the grumps. What office budget has an extra $3000 to invest in fancy saddle stools and loupes anyway?

We’re always reminding our clients to floss daily. But when it comes to our own preventative health as dental hygienists? 

I don’t want you to be wishing years from now—a bunch of pain meds, chiropractors, massage therapists, surgeries and possibly thousands of dollars later—that you were more proactive about your ergonomic health. 

As a fellow budget-savvy dental hygienist, that’s exactly why I knew I had to invent a better (more affordable) way to limit repetitive-stress injuries and protect the longevity of our careers.

without the pain

Keep doing the job you love

Safe and easy to use. Built to last.

How the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror Works

Available in two sizes. One for HVE and one to fit any standard Saliva Ejector. 

Slip Proof

Custom-engineered, hand-welded spring clip ensures your mirror stays put.

durable design

Medical-grade steel is quick to sterilize and won’t rust or corrode over time.

Enhanced Visability

Continuous access to the saliva ejector helps you maintain a dry field and see better.

Work Faster

Keep salivary flow in check and perform clinical treatments without fumbling for tools.

Added Safety

Built-in side safety loops let you secure the mirror clip to your saliva ejector.

snap on, snap off

by a Dental Hygienist

Designed for Dental Hygienists

I’ve been doing this job for 25+ years now, so I know how hard it is to juggle an ultrasonic, saliva ejector and mirror. I’ve felt the kinks that pop up from contorting to get a clear line of vision when your patient can’t fully recline. Or been too afraid to ask my boss to invest in new equipment.

And after years of struggling with outdated instruments that left me with work-related chronic pain, I found myself asking, “Who designs these tools? Certainly nobody who cleans teeth for a living!” I always felt like I needed a third hand.

I’m Patricia Blundon, R.D.H. and developer of the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror. 


Pain was NOT in my job description. But here I was thinking I’d have to look into other fields of work if I didn’t do something. So in 2011, I put my ideas on paper, sent my drawings to engineers, and invented the answer I’d been looking for but couldn’t find on the market. 

As soon as I started using the Dental Hygienist Clip Mirror, I noticed a difference. I wasn’t repositioning myself and reaching all the time, I could perform treatments faster, and best of all—I enjoyed my patients and work again because I wasn’t in discomfort! Now my mission is to get this tool into the hands of dental hygienists all over North America, so they can get the same relief while giving their patients the best care.


Giving you something to smile about

Dental Hygienist Recommended

“The idea of having everything I need at once—vision and moisture control while using the ultrasonic—is enough to make a hygienist giddy”

Jamie Collins, RDH - RDH Magazine Dentistry IQ June 22/2017 edition


"Every time I use my mirrors  I ask myself "where have you been all my life"? They are amazing and I can't believe I have never thought of them myself."

Annette Hallet, RDH


“The clip mirror is the answer to any suction and visibility struggles that occur with ultrasonic scaling. I don't have to compromise ergonomics and health for the sake of being able to see or suction - the clip mirror needs to be on every tray!”

Melissa Mc'Laughlin


FDA & HEALTH CANADA APPROVED Made in the USA and the only one of its kind

Choose your size

Easily snaps on and off. Available for HVE Or SE.


Because the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror is made of medical-grade steel, you clean it the same way you would any of your other dental instruments. 

The hand-welded spring clip ensures your mirror keeps a tight grip. But if you’re worried, built-in side safety loops let you ligate the mirror clip to your saliva ejector with floss and secure it with surgical tape as an added precaution.

Any of our products are protected by manufacturer’s warranties, so we’re happy to replace it! 

The Mirror head is a size 4 24mm  highest quality dental mirror and clips to fits a standard SE or HVE suction